Smiley face It’s pretty clear when you know your beans if you’re getting the very best, Specialty Grade 1 coffee beans. Once the beans are roasted and ground, the consumer can’t tell the quality until it’s cupped, and that’s where the passion for the best bean has its payoff.  Master Roaster Daryl Kastelic will only buy the best beans from the plantations he has worked with since 1995 when he began Black Swan Coffee Roasting Company.

Family owned and operated since its founding, and winner of multiple awards, Black Swan Coffee Roasting Company only does small batch roasts of the finest grade of coffee -- each roasted to order and then shipped within 24 hours. With us, you are paying for the best coffees available in the world, not a fancy building or mass advertising. Our advertising is by word of mouth. We like to think you are finding one of the coffee world's best kept secrets, a private club for only the truest of coffee lovers.

Whether you like your coffee dark or medium roast, floral or nutty, Black Swan has a premium roasted blend for you. Try a few blends and delight your senses with the best coffee money can buy.

Black Swan Coffee Roasting Company, featured on PBS "Flavors of America," is dedicated and committed to uncompromising excellence, and to the greatest endangered species of them all... the "satisfied" customer. 

Awards include 1999 "McCormick & Schmick's Cup - Best Breakfast Coffee and Best Dessert Coffee",  and 1998 "Northwest Taste -- Best Companion to Cigar and Cognac." We are still making these award winning coffee blends. 

Shade Grown

Our Coffee Beans are Shade Grown without pesticides. Shade grown coffee production has been shown to be beneficial to biodiversity conservation efforts in tropical rain forest ecosystems.




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